Big Thumb Car Rental Review

Planning to rent a car in Penang and looking for Big Thumb Car Rental Review?

I recently rent a car with them and have good experience with them. They are local car rental provider. Personally, I think local provider often more friendly and helpful compare to those international car rental provider. And I have a chance to speak with their founder. Here are some interesting facts about them.
Over the years, Big Thumb Rent-A-Car Ventures has set forth a goal to provide clients in Langkawi Island and Penang in Malaysia with premium car rental services. Their main offices can be found at Langkawi Mall in Langkawi and Plaza Ivory in Penang.
Over the years, they have built a solid reputation through superior customer service and high customer satisfaction. They specialize in airport pick-ups and drop-offs, which is why so many of their cars have become a staple at Malaysian airports.
Through this relationship, they are able to provide services that no other car rental services in the area can. Their commitment to customer service has allowed them to continually upgrade their services, which allows them to service you with brand new car rentals.
They have had hundreds of customers praise their company through various reviews. This makes them strive for even better service that tops all of their local competition. You can use of premium cars to arrive at any of the local tourist destinations in Langkawi or Penang.


Their Cars And Services

All of the cars that we rent out are no older than five years old. This is to ensure that you get the latest models to drive around the city in the car of your choice. We have the best mechanics inspect all of our vehicles to ensure they are running in peak performance during your stay on our beautiful island. We want you to get the best car, which is why we clean. maintain, and inspect it before you ever step foot in it.
For clients that book ahead, we offer a pickup and drop off service to your specified destination by our qualified and experienced drivers. You can choose several destinations in Langkawi and Penang as well as the major airports, allowing you to get to your car as soon as possible.
Through the Big Thumb website, we offer convenient online booking, which allows our clients to pick and pay for their car all from the comfort of their own home. All that is needed is some basic information, your scheduled arrival and destination, and a method of payment. It is that easy to have a car reserved for your time on the island.

Why You Should Choose Them?

They have been in service for over five years and developed a system that allows their clients to get the best service at the best rates. They are proud of our staff and cars and know that they provide the highest quality service in the area.
They have service that rivals that of most international car rental companies that can be found right here in Malaysia. Their clients love the service we are able to provide them and count on them to get them around the island.
Their rates are the lowest on the islands, especially for the level of service that is provided. They offer many promotions throughout the year that makes their service even more affordable. For clients that will be staying in the area for an extended time, they can offer lower rates.
To rent one of they cars a social pass and driver’s license is required. This ensures that every driver knows the rules of the road and helps to prevent any accidents.

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